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Friday, March 31, 2006

AIPG 2006 - Update on 31/03/2006

I have been using computers from my 6th Standard for nearly 17 years and is used to looking that the monitor for hours continuously. Never in my life so far I have felt like switching off the system and going elsewhere myself (except when some one drags me from the computer or I feel terribly sleepy)

Even in the past 4 years with RxPG, I had been the moderator and was mostly moderating the discussions.

On very few occasions I had to delete few advertisements in the forum. But for the past one month, the experience was very painful.

Let us face the facts

  1. AIPG conducted on 8th Jasn 2006
  2. Results announced on Feb and counseling stated for the first week of March
  3. Counselling was postponed as there were some irregularities and the case was handed to CBI
  4. CBI now says that there were few people who have cheated.
  5. The govt wants a re exam

Let us analyse.

First, please don’t compare this with (most of) the past episodes where the government DID NOT WANT A RE EXAM and SAID that every thing was fine. This time the Govt itself says that they want to scrap the exam

Valid Points in favour of a re exam

  1. Now if 50 people have cheated, then there are 50 genuine candidates who loose “one PG seat” and more over, almost all the rankers who are after the cheaters may loose the PG Seat of their choice
  2. You do not know how many did this. We know 50, but it could be 500.

Valid Points against re exam

  1. Just because few people (about 1 %) cheated, why should others suffer.
  2. If Mr.X copies in an exam, the normal process is to throw that guy out. That has been happening for years. Why should all other suffer ?

In short, the decision depends on how the judge(s) view this matter.

  • If this is cheating, then there may not be a re exam
  • If this is question leak (the question has been scanned and send out) then there may be a re exam

What can you do

  1. Wait till Monday.
  2. Ask your lawyer to represent your view
  3. Rankers – who do not want re exam - Ask the lawyer to argue that this is a copying with high tech gadgets. Send money and other documents to your lawyer
  4. Non rankers (and also few rankers) who want a re exam – Ask the lawyer (if you have hired someone) to convince the judge that, this is not just copying, but question leak. Send money and other documents to your lawyer
  5. Or Go to the court and Argue yourself

What you should not do

  1. Post hatred and rubbish in this forum

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