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Monday, February 20, 2006

TNPSC 2005 and AIPG 2006 FAQ

1. If I take a pg seat in tamil nadu in All India counselling, and not joining in the college, instead joining in service, what will happen? Please explain with regard to remaining fees, rules for writing the exam again and about TN exam

If you take a seat and DO NOT JOIN, then there is NO PROBLEM
If you join and leave, then that is called as DISCONTINUING the course

The candidates (including the candidates selected under the All India Quota) who discontinue the course on or before 25-5-2006 shall pay the sum as specified below by way of Demand Draft taken in favour of the Secretary, Selection Committee, Kilpauk, Chennai –10 payable at Chennai to the Deans of the respective Colleges.
  • For P.G. Diploma Courses Rs.20,000/-
  • For P.G. Degree / Five Year M.Ch. (Neuro-Surgery) Courses Rs.30,000/-
  • For MDS Course Rs.30,000/-

The Candidates (including the candidates selected under All India Quota) who discontinue the course on or after 25-5-2006 shall pay to the Deans of the respective Colleges the sum as specified below by way of Demand Draft taken in favour of the Secretary, Selection Committee, Kilpauk, Chennai- 10 payable at Chennai.
  • For P.G. Diploma Courses Rs.30,000/-
  • For P.G. Degree / Five Year M.Ch. (Neuro- Surgery) Courses Rs.60,000/-
  • For MDS Course Rs.60,000/-

The candidates who have joined Post Graduate Degree / Diploma / 5 years M.Ch Neuro-Surgery / MDS courses in any discipline and discontinued the courses on any grounds and if the discontinuance has resulted in a seat being wasted, they are eligible to apply only after a period of 2 years from the date of discontinuance of the course. If the candidate’s discontinuance does not result in a seat being wasted, he can apply for the next selection for which he/she is eligible.

2. After how many years can the batch which is going to be recruited, write the tamil nadu pg? Your batch Balamurugan sir said it is 2 yrs. Is it true?

Please see See below "Landmark judgments" on that site

3. What will be the probable date of result for service exam?

April 2nd week

4. What will be the probable date of counselling for service ? Will there be atleast one week between result and counselling?

May 2nd Week (depends upon the election)

5. I heard that the DA is increased from 50% to 70%. So my friends are telling that the starting pay will be aroung Rs.16,000. Is it true?

Close to that

For more FAQs, please see

1) For a candidate getting appointment in Service this time, will he be able to write TNPGMEE this time.
YES. There is no problem. It is your choice
2) What will be the first month salary for one who joins the forthcoming service. Whether Rs.8000 or Rs.13,500
The basic is 8000. With this you have DA and other allowances which will come around 14000. The exact amount will vary depending on the HRA and other minor differences from area to area
3) How much will it increase in one year (Increment)
The Increment for Basic is Rs 275. So you will get about Rs 400 to 450 rise per year
4) Period after which one is eligible to write Tamilnadu entrance. Whether 2 or 3 years
Please see See below "landmark judgments on that site
5) How much will be the stipend for a Service PG for master degree. (MD/MS)
Pay and DA. That will come around Rs 13000 by the time you are eligible for
6) How much will he be paid after finishing PG while in service
You will complete PG probably in 2012. By that time, you are eligible for 6 regular increments. One increment for is added for PG. So totally you have 7 increments. Now, your increment per year is about Rs 400. So that will come around Rs 3000. You will be getting Rs 17000 if you finish PG and Rs 16400 if you have not finished.

In addition your take home pay will be less by Some 2000 to 3000 (depends on how much you pay for Insurance, PF and Tax)


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