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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Books for Physiology

What to read for Physiology After MBBS

The best way to be prepared in Physiology is by reading Ganong and Guyton thoroughly, but it is impossible. So we will go for an optimum strategy. Your plans should be decided on what you have read during your undergraduate classes
1. If you had read Ganong during your Undergraduate classes, you can read Ganong ONCE again
2. If you had read Guyton during your Undergraduate classes, go for a rapid revision of Guyton and Read the following from Ganong
  1. All Tables
  2. All Diagrams
  3. Foot Notes under each diagram and Table
  4. The MCQs given at the end of Ganong
  5. Chapter on Kidneys
  6. First Chapter from Ganong

3. If you have read some other book in your Undergraduate, you have to
  1. Read Consice Medical Physiology by Sujit. K. Chaudhuri and
  2. The topics from Ganong Enumerated above

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