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Sunday, April 3, 2005

"Blocks" and PG Seats

Second Counselling will avoid blocks going to States, but Second Counselling will lead to BLOCK For AIPG


Dr.A gets Rank 10 in AIPG, and Rank 3 in State PG and Dr.B Gets Rank 100 in AIPG and Rank 150 in State PG.

What Dr.A Does is that He takes MD Paeds in AIPG and MD Paed in State PG
Dr.B Takes MD Gen Med in AIPG and opts for MD Paed Waitlist No 1 in State PG

Before Second Counselling

Now Dr. A does not join under State Quota, so that the seat lapses to Dr.B

After Second Counselling

Now Dr. A does not join under AIPG Quota, and that seat is available in Second Counselling . Dr.B takes that seat


Second Counselling WILL NOT and CANNOT PREVENT "BLOCKS".....,

It shifts the Block from State Level to Central Level.


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