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Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Counselling for transfer and promotion G.O.(Rt.) No. 2143:08-10-2002



Establishment, Health and Family Welfare Department – Counselling for transfer and promotion – Guidelines – Certain modifications – issued.


G.O.(Rt.) No. 2143 Dated:08-10-2002

Read :-

(1) G.O.(D) No.508, Health, dated 10.04.2002.

(2) From the Director of Medical and Rural Health Services letter No.57622/E1/1/2002, dated 04-04-2002.

(3) From the Director of Medical and Rural Health Services letter No.55018/E3/1/2002, dated 04-04-2002.

(4) From te Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine letter
No. 96973/5E/A4/2002, dated 02-07-2002


In the Government order first read above, the Government have issued guide-lines for conductiong counseling for transfer and promotion to the personnel working in the Health Departments. The Heads of Departments have reported that they are facing certain practical difficulties while conducting counseling and suggested certain modifications to the guidelines , for effective and fair administraton.

2. The Government have examined the suggestions of the heads of departments in detail and decided to issue certain modifications to the guidelines issued in the Government Order first read above.

4. In partial modifications of the orders issued in the said Government Order first read avove, the Government issue the following guidelines:-

(i) Counselling for transfer within the Directorate be held once in 3 months : during January, April, July and October.

(ii) Counselling for transfer inter-Directorate be held once in a year during March.

(iii) In a District where there is 15% and above of the total sanctioned strength of medical Officer/Para medical staff in the Medical Instittions under the control of Director of Medical and Rural Health Services, are vacant, the Medical officers/para medical staff from that district are not eligible to take part in counseling till the vacancy position in that district improves.

(iv) 75% of the total sanctioned post in a particular medical institution under the control of DME/DMS should not be kept vacant.

(v) In the case of Primary Health Centre, in a District where there is 10% and above of the total post of medical officers/para medical staff are vacant, the medical officers/para medical staff from that district are not eligible to take part in counseling.

(vi) Further, in the case of PHC, where there are only 2 sanctioned posts of Medical Officers, atleast one Medical officer should be available and in the case of PHCs where there are 3 sanctioned posts of Medical officers, minimum 2 Medical officers should be available. Wherever there are no lady doctors available in a Primary Health Centre, vacancies in such Primary Health Centre shall be reserved for Women.

(vii) Medical Officers/Staff who were transferred and not joined but went on long leave should not be entertained for counseling.

(viii) Medical Officers/other para medical staff who have been transferred on disciplinary grounds be declared not eligible for counseling till the disciplinary case is over.

(ix) Lady Medical Officers recently appointed through Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission and the Medical Officers appointed in PHC through Employment Exchange recently should not be considered for counseling till they have completed one year or till April 2003 whichever is later.

(x) No transfer should be effected in-between the counseling periods, other than those required on administrative grounds based on allegations and charges, which should be recorded in writing.

(xi) Director of Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Director of Medical and Rural Health Services should first identify the overall vacancies in the Medical Institutions under their control. Based on the current level of vacancies, the vacancies available in Medical Institution nearby City or Urban area where other medical facilities are easily available be identified and such vacancies need not be notified at present for filling up during counseling, and the posts be kept vacant till the over all vacancy position improves after fresh recruitment of Medical officers/para medical staff.

(xii) Station seniority in the present posting alone will be the criteria for determining the priority for transfer counseling.

(xiii) All criteria meant for priority in counseling as issued in para 3 of the annexure of the G.O.D.No.508 Health, 10-04-2002 be discontinued.

(xiv) Existing as well as resultant vacancies for counseling / date for counseling shall be made available on the web-site and also in the Notice boards of the Medical Institutions.

(xv) Vacancies of the posts wherein the incumbent is on leave for more than 2 months and as well as vacancies that will be filled by promotion during the next quarter will also be notified for counseling.

(xvi) Outcome of the counseling shall be determined and exhibited (except the cases where the Government is the transferring authority) on the same day itself.

(xvii) Medical Officers with Post Graduate / diploma qualification / super specialities shall not be considered for posting in ESI Dispensaries. Those already working in such dispensaries shall be moved to Government. Hospitals where their services are required in a phased manner.


Girija Vaidyanathan


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